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Hassan Abdel Jalil wins the silver medal in the Gulf Chemistry Olympics

We are proud to congratulate our student Hassan Abdul Jalil, a second-year secondary student at Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools in Dammam, for winning the silver medal in the GCHQ and GMO Mathematics Olympic competitions, in the contests held in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the participation of over 50 male and female students from Gulf countries.

  The Gulf Olympic competitions are an annual competition organized and supervised by the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, by choosing a member state to host the competition.

The Gulf Olympic competitions are held to encourage distinguished students in the fields of chemistry and mathematics, and pushing them towards integration and getting to know each other, by enriching the spirit of honorable scientific competition among them, and bringing them together in joint meetings and seminars, in addition to the final recommendations that are made at the end of the competitions, which help On the development of the curriculum and the entire educational process.

This year’s competitions were exceptional, as the male and female students of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia succeeded in being the best ambassadors for their country, if they swept the sweep of the competitions by winning ten different medals, 4 of them in chemistry and 6 in mathematics. Our student Hassan Abdul Jalil had a role in that, as he won the silver Medal in GCHO Chemistry.

 We congratulate our honored student for his achievement and wish him endless success and excellence at every step. We praise every achievement made by our students in various fields, and we always strive for our educational environment to be a permanent haven for our students, through which they can enhance the spirit of creativity within them, develop their skills and keep abreast of everything new.