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I am pleased to welcome you to Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools (RAIS), the educational arm of Al Khaleej Training and Education Company, which was established in 1993 to provide its services in the field of training and education inside and outside the Kingdom for nearly 30 years. 

Believing in the power of education in the development and upgrading of countries and civilizations, we are committed to providing the highest educational standards to build educated and trained youth at the highest level, to graduate generations capable of realizing their dreams and aspirations, and to challenge any obstacles they may face after graduation, qualified to confront them and able to create new levels of technological and scientific development that Our country deserves it. 

To achieve these goals, we are working to provide the best curricula and international scientific programs, and to employ an exceptional cadre of experienced and qualified teachers from Saudi citizens, and foreigners who speak English as their mother tongue, and to advance these lofty goals far beyond the classroom, by integrating academic learning with personal development and the development of talents, whether in music, in sports, in public speaking and dialogue platforms, or on stage, which enhances their health and their mental and physical abilities; Working to integrate learning with activities and personal development is what makes our students exceptional and unique everywhere, and therefore we rely on systematic strategies to develop and nurture students at all educational levels from kindergarten to high school. 

Our desire to create the best future for our youth and to develop them in all possible aspects is the engine of energy that drives us to achieve the highest standards of education, self-development, and social development, and helps us achieve the best results and graduate large groups of successful graduates. 

Behind the success of everything we strive to do are more than 670 Saudi and foreign teachers and employees who speak English as their mother tongue and more than 5,000 diligent students. Unlimited to ensure students’ happiness, and support students with their experiences and methods that enrich their abilities and leadership skills in a collaborative atmosphere that motivates children to learn the latest learning methods from kindergarten to secondary school. 

We are all united in Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools to build a generation that is keen on lifelong learning and is always looking forward to self-development professionally and cognitively. Learning does not stop at graduating from high school with high grades, but rather continues throughout life, because it is the main key to opening all doors of opportunity for them. We aim to build generations that believe in the importance of lifelong development by providing rich interactive experiences that enhance their sense of cooperation, brotherhood and understanding, and help them empower their importance and role in society, while highlighting the pivotal aspect of serving and sympathizing with others to inculcate in them a positive sense of community so that they practice a culture Do good and become one of the most important promoters of it in the future. 

To achieve these goals, we are working to provide the best curricula for education based on academic subjects only or years of study, but we are preparing our students to seize all the opportunities that the world of tomorrow may offer them, taking advantage of what they will acquire from integrated skills and competencies in our group of schools. 

I am proud to be part of this educational institution, and to work to achieve this lofty goal with a group of education pioneers who set a road map for how to fulfill the promise of education that we made in the framework of the Saudi 2030 development plan. 

I look forward to welcoming you and your children to Rowad Al Khaleej Schools. Visit us to get a closer look at the excellence of our leading educational institution 

I am proud to be part of a group doing just that, the Education Commission. We are a group of government, business and cultural leaders who have produced a roadmap for how we can live up to the education promise we have made under the global goals with the right vision for how to create a Learning Generation. 

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Words of the Senior Vice President of the Education Sector

Get to know Dr. Khaled Al-Suhaim as he tells us about education in our schools, our school culture, the lives of our students, the future of learning, and all that is covered in the scope of the Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools experience!

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