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A Note From The Founder

In our journey towards a completely different world based on virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we are working to keep our schools up to date with the latest educational systems that prepare our students for the challenges of the future.

We cooperate with partners who have sufficient experience to support our students in their mission of progress and success, such as Edmentum, Stephen Covey and STEAM, the latter that we count on to take our children’s academic experience to higher and greater heights of project-based education and critical thinking based on linking science, technology and the arts to keep up with future jobs.

We strive every year to create a free space within our schools that helps students to be creative, think, and acquire science in line with the challenges of the future and modern technology, while preparing them for future jobs and developing their personal and academic skills. We also make sure that our students are accepting of others, tolerant, and respond to everyone in classes that encourages integration, which reflects positively on society.

We are also keen to work in parallel with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which works to develop the personality of the Saudi citizen, develop his capabilities, and explore his talents.