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International School in Dammam

Welcome to Rowad AlKhaleej Girls International School in Dammam - AlZahour Area

Rowad AlKhaleej Girls International Schools are located in the Eastern Province (Dammam – AlZahour Area) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. RAIS offer educational opportunities for Saudi and international students.
The Schools consist of separate facilities for girls. Modern classrooms create a positive learning environment.

Rowad Al Khaleej Girls International School in Dammam

  • Opened 2010
  • Location: Alzahour Area In Dammam
  • Team: More than 54 Teachers and Educational employees Native
  • License: Working under supervision of Ministry of Education under license 431234004
  • CurriculumAmerican for Math and Science (hard court) and Saudi curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic and Cultural Studies.
  • Classes in arts, information technology and physical education
  • Capacity: 900 Student
  • Total Size: 8574  M2
  • Number of labs: 5
  • Number of Classes: 36

Sources of expertise:  Alliances with global leaders of the same field:  Leader in Me, Linguaphone London, and Skyward.

Materials:  Traditional textbooks, classrooms, Applied education, and Advanced digital libraries


Early Childhood

In our early childhood program, students learn through developing their sensory-motor skills, working with educational hands-on activities and materials that develop their cognition through the childʼs direct experience with the five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and movement.


Elementary School students are from 6 to 10 years old which represent Grade One to Grade Five. At this stage, Our school students study the AmericanMc Graw hill is accredited by the Cognia Organization and the Ministry of Education’s curricula for subjects of national identity, the Holy Qur’an, Islamic education, and the Arabic language. In order to be balanced with other subjects aligned with the standards of the American curriculum, for our students to be better able to understand the world around them.

Middle School

  • Our Core: Comprised of young student in with a very promised academic education, our aspirations for our students to go beyond the classroom. We strive to develop the individual potential of each student and provide them with a wealth of opportunities to widen their individual interests and talents.
  • Gender: Girls .
  • Grade: 7-8
  • Locations: Alzahour Area In Dammam

High School

  • Our Core: High Education should nurture curiosity and creativity, so students can expand on their world and become an asset to it. We also believe education should foster an appreciation for self, so students know their importance and thereby know others are important as well. Students need a strong educational foundation in order to scaffold other relevant knowledge that will cause them to change and create change.
  • Locations: Alzahour Area In Dammam.

School Fee

Level Fees
Nursery -KG 35,000
Elementary 35,500
Intermediate 37,600
High-school 40,600

Discount 10% Siblings

Give your children the education and care that they deserve

Contact the School

Anas Ibn Malik St, Az Zuhur, Dammam 32423, Saudi Arabia

Phone Number:
Landline : 138215900

Early Learners School:
Main Reception: Ext 1000, 1001
KG Reception: Ext 1016
Grade 1 Reception: Ext 1100
Grade 2 , 3 : Ext 1200

Upper Elementary , Middle and High school:
Main Reception: Ext 2000, 2001
Grade 3 Girls and Upper Elementary Reception: Ext 2100
Middle and High School Reception: Ext 2200