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    How to Reduce violent behavior in children
    Stuttering for Kids
    The 5 Best Ways to Treat Stuttering for Kids
    teach math
    How to teach math for kids!
    artificial intelligence in education
    The impact of artificial intelligence on the future of education
    Learn sign language
    You should Learn sign language to your kids
    Learning the Arabic language
    Tips to master the Arabic language and grammar successfully
    teachers types
    Teachers Types Who Make Major Impacts on Students’ Lives
    effects of cartoons
    It’s not just a cartoon… Learn about the effects of cartoons
    organize school bag
    6 tips for organize school bag
    child hates school
    Your child hates school? Learn the causes and solutions!
    New school year
    How to prepare successfully for the new school year?
    Mental Development of children
    What Is Children’s Mental development?
    How do deal with children’s fights?
    How exercising can enhance your child’s mental health?
    teach patience to child
    How to teach my child “patience”?
    Shy child - الطفل الخجول
    101 guide to deal with your shy child
    Summer vacation
    Your guide for the best summer vacation with your kids
    exam result
    How to deal with the exam result of your child?
    teach letters for children
    How to teach my child Arabic letters?
    learning difficulties
    How to deal with kids with learning difficulties?
    ready for the exam
    How to get ready for the exam?
    Autistic Child
    How to Recognize an Autistic Child?
    Role Model for children
    How to Be a Role Model for Your Children?
    personal hygiene for children
    How to Train Children on Personal Hygiene?
    IQ test for children
    Unleash Your Child’s Abilities with IQ Test
    Stable Child
    Advices and Steps to Raise a Stable Child
    Languages of Love
    How to Master Your Children’s 5 Languages of Love?
    Stubborn Kid
    How to Handle a Stubborn Kid?
    Magraya curriculum
    Magraya: The Best Curriculum for Preschool Preparations

    Parents always want the best for their kids, and the best means the best ways to bring them up, the best ways to teach them right from wrong, and the […]

    Choose the Best School
    How to Choose the Best School for Your Child?
    Which is better, self-learning or school? Introduction to self-learning
    continuous evaluation
    Saudi’s MoE Cancels Continues Evaluation & Announces Replacement
    SEN skills
    Develop SEN skills for children with special education needs
    Children rearing books
    Children rearing Books & tips
    Obesity in Children
    Obesity in Children
    Reading to Children
    Benefits of Reading to Your Children
    ground kid
    3 perfect ways to ground your kid
    kid to respect
    How to Raise a Respectful Kid?
    international education day
    International education day “Changing Course, Transforming Education”
    Chinese language for beginners
    Chinese 101: Fluent for Beginners  
    back to school premises
    Welcome back to our school premises
    tips for studying
    Tips for Studying and Time Management
    How to improve my Kid’s handwriting?
    learning a language
    Why should your child learn a new language?
    Directing technology for children
    Directing children’s use of technology
    Healthy diet for students
    Healthy diet for students on a school day
    world children`s day
    World Children`s Day and the Rights of the Child
    Diabetes in children
    Types of Diabetes in kids… Prevention and cure
    Teaching English to children
    How do I start teaching my kids English?
    back to school
    How to prepare my child for Back to School ?
    Children with Disabilities
    Teaching Children with Disabilities in Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools
    Precautionary Measures
    COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools
    Jobs in Saudi Arabia
    The Most Wanted Jobs in Saudi Arabia 2030
    IG VS American Curriculums
    IG vs American Curriculums – Which is Better?
    International Schools Fees
    International Schools in Riyadh | Fees and Advantages
    choose your university
    How to Choose a university inside or outside the Kingdom?
    teach child organization skills
    Teach your child organizational skills | tips and tricks
    make kid smarter
    Can I make my kid smarter? Tips and advices
    Develop child self-confidence
    How to develop your child Self-Confidence Easy tips and guidelines
    How to raise Teenager
    How to raise your teenager after COVID-19 pandemic?
    The gifted child
    The Gifted Child
    First time Kindergarten
    First time Kindergarten
    Best Riyadh Schools
    The Best Riyadh Schools for Boys and Girls – Learn About the Most Important Selection Criteria
    Children with Special Needs
    Hand in hand with the Children with Special Needs
    Online learning in Saudi Arabia
    Online learning in Saudi Arabia – Global praise for education developing efforts during the Coronavirus crisis
    10 years have passed since the beginning of Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools
    نظام STEAM التعليمي - STEM Educational System
    STEAM Educational System
    choose a kindergarten
    How to choose a kindergarten for your child?
    المبرمج الصغير - The Little programmer - programming
    The Little Programmer – How to learn online programming for kids
    منصات التعليم الرقمى - e-learning platforms
    How to help children benefit from e-learning platforms and digital classrooms
    summer vacation
    How to make the best use of summer vacation?
    العودة بعد كورونا - life after Coronavirus
    Life goes on, life after Coronavirus, general instructions and healthy behaviors
    best school for your children
    How to choose the best school for your children?
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Symptoms and how to deal with it?
    فيروس كورونا - Coronavirus
    What is Coronavirus and how to identify it and how to protect your kids?
    Online Education
    Online Education & Virtual Classroom, what is the advantages and disadvantages?
    tips and tricks - خطوات تُساعدك على التخطيط
    10 Tips and tricks to prepare your Kid for the New year
    What is autism
    What is autism, what are its symptoms, how to treat, and how to integrate autistic children into schools?
    World Arabic Language Day – The importance of the day and how world celebrates it
    What is school bullying and how to protect your child?
    Children`s day
    Children’s Day, History and Importance