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Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education

Children with special needs face a special challenge to adapt to a normal lifestyle. Whereas, education is one of the basic requirements for the life of our children. It is a right for our children with special needs as well, but they may require specially designed educational subjects for them. Aspiring to offer them knowledge and development that helps them move forward towards a bright future. It also helps them adapt and integrate with the surrounding community. It is worth noting that those students with special needs have exceptional abilities and gifts in some aspects, which, if properly exploited and developed, have the opportunity to be active members of their society.

Why Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education?

Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education in Riyadh provides a rehabilitation educational program specifically designed for students with special needs under the supervision of the Ministry of Education – Special Education Department, as we aspire to create an effective and appropriate learning environment for our children with special needs.

Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education is distinguished by providing the following:

  • Safe classes equipped with all the requirements to teach special education students
  • Applying a “partial integration” system for students in social activities so that they can integrate into an interactive social environment that helps them to develop their social skills and good adaptation to the surrounding community. And for the main subjects, they are separated where they receive the most appropriate curriculum specially designed for them.
  • Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education offers the “Pearson” curriculum of a level that suits the capabilities of the children with special needs; so that the children can develop their capabilities and skills that allow them to fully integrate later or move to any school that adopts the same curriculum. In addition to the curricula of the Ministry of Education.
  • Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education provides additional support services that include articulation and speech specialists, in addition to mental health professionals who apply the affective standards and determine the appropriate program for each student. They also Monitor and provide the required psychological care for children.
  • Teachers at the Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education are highly qualified; as they are specialists and graduates of institutions specializing in special education.
  • Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education also provides quality education and specialized care for children with autism, hyperactivity, and distraction disorder from the age of 4- to 12 years old within an effective educational environment using the best means of education and rehabilitation. Besides the sensory integration room for students with autism.
  • The school provides the resource room which contains different corners (individual – fine motor skills – computer visual synergy – free play, etc.).
  • It also provides an outdoor playground.
  • A library for reading and a representative play corner.
  • Crystal clear work plans, rehabilitative goals, and targeted skills for each student.
  • Study grades suitable for students from KG3 to the third grade for boys. It also provides appropriate levels of education for girls, from KG3 to the sixth grade.

School Fees

Level Fees Fees after Discount Discount %
Nursery 38,000 32,000 16%
Pre-K-KG / Elementary 40,000 33,000 18%

We at Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education strive to provide the best educational and interactive environment for our children with special needs. We believe in their exceptional capabilities that can be well developed and exploited effectively; so that they can move forward towards their future with bright success and means of a better life. In this regard, we spare no effort to provide all educational means, including educational equipment and tools, specialized educational cadres, and specially designed curricula commensurate with their capabilities, to achieve the best results and reach with our children to the best level.

Give your children the education and care that they deserve

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Prince Muqrin Ibn Abdulaziz st، Riyadh 12483, Saudi Arabia

Phone Number:
Landline : 115100350
Registration: 542572652

Give your children the education and care that they deserve