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    Virtual Classrooms

    All you need are an Internet connection and a computer, a laptop or a tablet to start your learning journey with “Virtual Classrooms” , that Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools provide its students with in their different grades. The student can count on these method for better understanding to the subjects and to dig deeper into the academic topics. It is also an easy and comfortable method of education, as you don’t need to go anywhere, you can log in from any place.


    Here are simple tips to help you to attend our virtual classrooms:

    1. Login The Microsoft Team system that every student in RAIS has access to.
    2. Choose the class you would like to attend.
    3. Write down your email address.
    4. You will receive a reminder on your email 3 hours before the course starts.

    To complete the course and to gain the most of information, we advise the following:

    • Be patient – teach your kid to be patient.
    • Mute if the teacher speaking. Unmute – Willing to “speak up” if problems arise or teacher allow you to speak.
    • Keep a notebook available – Be willing to keep a notebook as their reference guide.
    • Find a quiet place – Parents need to provide a quiet place for their child’s ‘virtual classes. Be aware that noisy accounts will be suspended from the meet.
    • Assist – Parents must be willing to assist their child.
    • The Program Admin will send to you the schedule including the login and password every class day.
    • Make sure you have plenty of time in advance to login to the session to be fully prepared

    The advantages of the virtual classrooms in Rowad alkhaleej International Schools:

    Engaging classes
    Login anywhere

    If you are one of Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools’ students