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Registration and admission Process

How to start your child’s educational journey in our schools 

We have been keen to set the admission process in our schools specifically designed to ensure that students are placed in the appropriate places in Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools while adhering to our school policies and programs; The correct placement of students will ensure higher chances of success and achievement of the desired results…. 

Step 1 Lead Form Submission

  1. Website visitor will fill the lead form on the landing page and submit his data.
  2. Data will be sent to school immediately.

Step 2 School to contact parent for Appointment (Call/email)

  1. School registrar will contact the parent within 48 hours to set an appointment for the interview and entry exam.
  2. School to send an email and SMS to confirm the appointment.
  3. Follow-up to be done to confirm the appointment 24 hours in advance.

Step 3 Interview / entry exam

  1. Interview and entry exam on same day.
  2. Placement test to be done –live-with the student from  Placement Test link sent by school
  3. Program will be used: Microsoft

Step 4 Final Result / contact parent

Step 5 Submit Documents & Reg. application

  1. School registrar will contact the client within 48 hours to set time frame to get the parent submitting his data after sharing the link with him through an email/SMS to fill the data/docs required through the registration page .
  2. Required docs are clarified in the registration form.

Step 6 Generate Student ID

  1. client will get the Student ID for his kid within 24 hours.
  2. To be generated from  Cashier system.

Step 7 Transfer Payment / Online

  1. School registrar will contact the client once sent him the ID to finish his payment through ( Online payment , Bank transfer )

Step 8 Creating Skyward/Noor accounts

  1. Once payment is confirmed ,the guardian will automatically receive an email that confirms the activation of his accounts on Nour system & Skyward to start his academic process.

Documents required to enroll a Saudi female/Saudi student: 

Fill out and print the school registration form. 

  • A copy of the family record to which the student is added (a full copy of the front and back), and the original for matching. 
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate (with the original for matching). 
  • 4 personal photos of the student / student, size 4×6. 
  • A medical report proving that the student is free of any contagious diseases. 
  • A copy of the vaccination certificate. 
  • The most recent academic document (transcript) notarized and sealed from the previous school. 
  • A copy of the student’s passport and copies of the passport of the father and mother. 
  • A financial release from the school the student is transferred from is required. 
  • In the event that the student is a non-Saudi student, the following documents should be added 
  •  Copy of the passport + residence permit for the student / student (with originals for matching) + residence of the guardian. 
  •  Identification of the guardian’s employer (origin). 
  •  in the event that the student/student comes from outside the Kingdom 
  • Attestation by the Saudi Cultural Mission in the country from which he comes. 
  •  Equalization of certificates from the Examinations and Admissions Department at the Registration Department. 

Thank you for your interest in applying to Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools. We are glad that you want to be part of our educational family.