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As part of our mission to provide the best learning experience for our students 

We introduce to you 


An online learning solution made especially for Middle and High School Students With a great range of online courses and Support material in high-demand subjects from Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy  An engaging learning experience created for a variety of students. 

EdOptions Academy’s online courses will help your child to take Advance Placement (AP) courses or wants to catch up in his or her studies, or take elective courses during the summer or school year. 

Advantages of Edmentum high-quality virtual learning: 

  • Are fully accredited by AdvancEd to help your child work toward his or her high school diploma. 
  • Are approved by the NCAA® to support college-bound student athletes.
  • Are part of a library of 400+ options, including core, elective, world language, career and technical education, and advanced courses. 
  • Pair engaging, research-based online courses with highly qualified, state-certified virtual teachers. 

What you can expect 
EdOptions Academy’s online courses are designed to give your child truly personalized learning
experience. When you enroll your child in our program, you and your child will:

  • Be able to access the course(s) 24/7, from any computer connected to the Internet; many courses are optimized for mobile devices, including tablets. 
  • Be able to work closely with state-certified EdOptions Academy online teachers, with regular communication via video conferencing, phone, and email; many teachers also offer live lessons and virtual “office hours” for real-time instruction and extra help. 
  • Be exposed to engaging activities designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, including videos, audio content, and problem-based interactive lessons. 
  • Have access to pacing and progress-monitoring tools to help stay on track 
  • Continue to be part of your local school community with access to extracurriculars and school-provided support

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