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Student Activities

We promised comprehensive development, so sports, art, and music occupy an important part of our students’ learning journey, along with the academic part.

Where these activities provide the opportunity for students to develop their skills and talents, and these activities are their gateway to overcoming life challenges, feeling self-worth, and self-exploration; Our activities encourage them to go further and further their aspirations in various areas of learning.

We know that this learning environment is capable of empowering our students and enhancing their abilities to achieve success and achievement.

An overview of extracurricular activities:

The Activity Department in schools seeks to create talent and develop students’ talents, as well as create the appropriate environment and school services to practice extracurricular activities that support the educational process, and provide the opportunity for students to practice hobbies that are commensurate with their abilities, talents and tendencies, and develop students in the personal, practical, scientific and social aspects.

Some of the monthly events and activities in schools:

Ministerial competitions offered by the Ministry of Education in the field of student activities

Of which:

  • school theater
  • Storytelling
  • Drawing and painting
  • Recitation and public speaking
  • Celebrating all annual events, including:
  • Saudi National Day
  • International Day of the Elderly
  • Traffic Week – Tree Week – Space Week
  • Gulf Environment Day
  • Career Day
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • International Volunteer Day