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Saudi National Day

To build a proud Saudi generation of leaders and thinkers

Our Online Webinar about top 10 reasons to join RAIS

Our Champions

Our Little Merchant

Having Fun with our students

Our students graduation Ceremony: Celebration of success.

We will always be proud of you

Our Memorable School Trip

Funday Trip in RAIS - Mughrazat boys

Unique moments at Gravity Trip


Field Trip at Le petite sofa

A playful day at Sky Zone

Our Students' celebration with Eid

Summer vibes start

Unforgettable memories with our students

Our happiness with Eid

Our Students' participation in National Honor Society

Unique moments at Gravity Trip

Mawhiba Program for the 2023 International Olympics

Harmonizing Together: An Exploration of Music.

Our awareness day with Environment

RAIS Ramadan Activities

Our Memorable School Trip

Book Fair

Fun day Trip in RAIS - Mughrazat boys

Our Students' Activities in Holy Ramadan

The preparations of Ramadan Bags

The preparation of Ramadan Bags / Baskets / Boxes

The Holy Ramadan in Dammam Boys

A day with my Grandma during Ramadan

RAIS League

Learn Shadows by fun

Ramadan Activities by RAIS Students

Multicultural Day

Giving is still ongoing

Umrah trip for high school

Science Fair

RAIS Art Gallery

Flag Day celebration activities

Welcome RAIS

Foundation Day

Congratulations Huda Mukhtar for winning RAIS Scholarship

RAIS League

Einstein Science Competition

Paintball Field Trip

Tomorrow's Leaders

Einstein Science Competition


RAIS Community Service Activity

Raising Generations to Lead the Future

More than 12 Years of Success

Graduation Cermony - AlMugharrazat Boys

Graduation Cermony - AlMugharrazat Girls

Autism Families Charity Association

Founding Day

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Graduation Cermony - Hittin

Day with Mom

100 Days Of School

Our Graduates