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Our Programs

We are interested in educational and sports programs and activities alongside the curricula with accredited international bodies. 


Our educational curricula aim to develop knowledge, skills and concepts that help students demonstrate their abilities in practice, not just theory. We seek to build our students in an integrated manner with a focus on refining and strengthening social and emotional skills and competencies. 

Our curricula revolve around:

  • An education that enriches the love of exploration and experience 
  • Education based on comprehension 
  • Teaching in a practical context 
  • Social and interactive environment 


Leader In Me

Leader in Me

We get inspired by the bestselling book of Steven Covey “The seven habits of highly effective People” to develop the leadership skills in our students – from an early age…from the KG stage!



Established in 2008, centered around the Antarctic adventures of the TV character PinguTM, the course uses proven play-based learning techniques to help children aged 3-8+ to discover the English language with a great deal of fun.

Kangaroo Ksa

Kangaroo Math Competition 2020

Math is a game! Math is Fun!

The Kangaroo math competition is one of the biggest in more than 70 countries around the world attended by about 6 million students!

Special Education

Special Education

Our contribution to the Special Education sector in the kingdom.



A futuristic approach to learning. Read more about how we prepare your child to be ready for the challenges of the job market in the future through the program that is used in around 200 countries around the world.