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Welcome to Baraem Rowad AlKhaleej International Kindergarten in Riyadh, Alsahafa Area

Kindergarten is the first stage of schooling path that a child goes through. Therefore, it is the first educational community for children outside their homes. It is the first outer society where children are involved, and where they receive the basic and distinctive skills, on which they depend throughout their studies, their personal life, and their interaction with the surrounding environment.

Therefore, the mission of choosing a proper child-friendly kindergarten may be a source of bewildering and a heavy burden for some parents. In order to make a good choice and make the right decision, parents should set the criteria on which they depend while choosing a suitable kindergarten for their children.

Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej kindergarten in Riyadh, Sahafa district

What are the criteria that make Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej kindergarten the best kindergarten for your children?

Braaem rowad Al-khaleej kindergarten offers development at two basic levels: educational level and pedagogic level. At the pedagogic level, kindergarten develops the essential skills for building the child’s personality. At the educational level, the educational environment in the kindergarten develops learning skills and mental abilities of children. In addition, kindergarten should play a significant role in helping children learn well, make good use and practical application of science and knowledge in their lives:

  • Teaching scientific and cultural basics: which serves as the first step in developing knowledgeable and cultural skills of children, on which they will depend in all their educational stages.
  • Develop a passion for learning and cultural curiosity: are among the most important skills that, if properly exploited and employed, children would enjoy learning and develop a passion for science and culture, so that the study and the educational process would not be a boring and routine burden for them.
  • Children’s recognition of their personalities as independent entities: It is one of the main pillars of establishing children’s personalities where they feel positive about themselves and their being. They become able to cope with daily challenges whether in academic or personal life, and they become liable to deal with those challenges and responsibilities and reap the benefits of them.
  • Effective collaboration skills: skills through which children are able to collaborate with their colleagues and teachers in accomplishing various activities and tasks. In addition to Positive integration within the social environment, good participation, positive influence and inspiration by and with others
  • Patience and good listening skills: through which children develop the skills of controlling their will, organizing their work and tasks, prioritizing their schedules, take good control of themselves, and develop their motor skills.
  • Training the child to engage in formal contexts, through the children’s dealings with their teachers, and in informal contexts, through the children’s dealings with their friends.


What makes Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej one of the best kindergartens in Riyadh?

Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej Kindergarten has been opened in Riyadh in 2014, Al-Sahafa district. It is distinguished by offering all educational services and qualifications at the best level to ensure an effective level of education for pre-school and first-grade children. Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej Kindergarten offers:

  • Early learning framework – Pre-school kindergarten
  • An administrative and educational team of more than 40 teachers of different nationalities whose native language is English. This is to ensure that the children learn the English language from reliable sources, and be trained well to speak confidently and fluently. Arab and Saudi teachers are also available to teach Arabic to ensure that the native Arabic language and culture of children are well-rooted at the same time.
  • Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej Kindergarten is operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Education on license No. X: 4350140094. Therefore, it is a national and international reliable educational institution.
  • Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej Kindergarten adopts American curricula for science, mathematics, and Saudi curricula for Arabic and Islamic and cultural education.
  • Kindergarten area: 3,000 square meters.
  • The kindergarten offers 3 laboratories, in addition to 19 classrooms.
  • Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej Kindergarten collaborates with global leaders of the educational field such as Skyward, The Leader in Me, Linguaphone London
  • We provide the best of both traditional and modern educational equipment including books, smart classrooms, applicable education, and digital libraries.

Braaem Rowad Al-Khaleej Kindergarten seeks to set fees commensurate with the level of international educational services, and international quality standards that it offers. In addition, it offers flexible installment plan for all credit card holders of the following banks: Riyadh, Saudi frech Bank, Saudi Investment Bank, SABB, Samba Bank and Arab National Bank (ANB).

School Fees

Level Fees Fees after Discount Discount %
Kindergarten 33,000 28,050 15%
Primary 33,000 29,040 12%

Discount of 10% on Second child fees and 15% on the third!Fees do not include school uniforms.

Give your children the education and care that they deserve

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