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RAIS schools offers a variety of university consulting services from professional sources to support all our students to determine their most suitable path in post-high school level; as we believe that the student is the one who must chose his/her own life route, therefore we aim to consolidate the relationships between the parents, teachers and the consultants to support our student’s self-discovery journey and the ability to conduct transparent self-assessment; that is by following research methodologies and taking independent decisions. We encourage our student’s to express their own voice by choosing their own academic and professional field, challenging preconceptions about themselves and the college they intend to attend.

That is particularly why we offer our students various techniques to help them gather information; in addition to personal consulting sessions discussing potential university opportunities, we also invite students to participate in educational sessions and workshops that are university oriented at the level of their classroom, as we aim to encourage parents to interact with the guidance department as an important aspect of their child’s career.

We strongly believe that students take their own decision when it comes to taking life decisions about choosing their academic or professional paths, and to hold the full responsibility upon their decisions, therefore we inspire and support our students to seize the opportunity to self-discovery and exploring their personal preferences into making complex, far-reaching decisions for themselves, and we expect them to play an essential role in formulating their post-graduate plans, but, at the same time, But at the same time, our mentors are keen to work closely with students to help them identify the tools and steps best suited to choosing a university and developing their graduation and higher education plans, whereas students must solely pay attention to application deadlines, exams schedules, recommendation requests, and interviews by sustaining their academic level at school. Therefore our counselors work closely with students, teachers and the registration office to ensure that all materials required to apply to any university are delivered in a timely manner.

One of our most crucial goals in terms of mentorship and guidance is to communicate with our students on a regular basis to support creating a clearer picture of their desires, preferences and to discover the available opportunities after graduating from RAIS. We in RAIS follow methodologies oriented around each student’s sole personality to ensure they’re discovering themselves for getting rewarding opportunities and rewarding life challenges, whilst maintaining an open communication channel and promoting frank responses in an atmosphere focused on cooperation between all concerned parties, parents, teachers, students and school counselors to ensure that each student choses a suitable preferred path.