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    Rowad-Alkhaleej International Schools’ preparations for the new scholar year


    Rowad-Alkhaleej International Schools’ preparations for the new scholar year

    Students have experienced an exceptional scholar year, because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. However, it passed successfully, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Education, school staff and the cooperation of parents and students.

    Rowad-Alkhaleej International Schools announced the new scholar year’s preparations, which include three Types:

    Hygienic and precaution preparations:

    • Including hygiene procedures for all school branches, According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.
    • Installing self-sterilization gates inside schools and temperature measuring devices.
    • Maintaining the social distancing regulations inside classrooms, through keeping a distance of (1.5 to 2 meters) between students, as well as providing alcohol and hand sanitizers everywhere inside schools, and creating isolation rooms for any suspected case.

    Academic and educational preparations; include:

    Facilities for parents:

    Rowad-Alkhaleej International Schools started receiving registration requests online, for all classes. We wish all students in Saudi Arabia a happy and safe academic year and a fruitful educational journey.