Unified Number: 920008376



DepartmentName PositionEmail
AdministratorsShakiha Al-MolhemSchool Principle 
AdministratorsDenise MckenzieHead of Early learners Department
AdministratorsAlexis SpeedHead of Early Learners Department
AdministratorsReem AL-ShamsiHead of Middle & High School Department
AdministratorsDebon StottsHead of upper elementary Department
AdministratorsNouf AlMousaOffice Manager
Support StaffDalal AlQahtaniHR Coordinator
Support StaffEiman AlDahnemUpper Elementary School Counselor / Social Worker
Support StaffKristie C. ThompsonMiddle and High School Counselor
Support StaffFatimah Al SadiqSkyward Administrator
Support StaffLatifah Al-YehyaRegistrar
Support StaffButhainah AlbakheetRegistrar
Support StaffAhoud AlDossaryReceptionist
Support StaffMashael BosudaReceptionist
Support StaffHassna AlomariReceptionist
Support StaffSara AlThaqfanReceptionist
Support StaffAminah Al-SaeedReceptionist
Support StaffFatima OjanReceptionist
Support StaffSulafah Ibrahim AlShawiEducational Assistance
Support StaffAbeer Al-bahraniActivity Director
Support StaffHanadi SalehActivity Coordinator
Support StaffNoura JubranAdmin Assistance
Support StaffAfifa ali al HamdanActivity Coordinator
Support StaffKhalood AlDossariBus Supervisor
Homeroom TeachersIbtihal AlbahraniNS Teacher
Homeroom TeachersHuda AL AliPre-KG
Homeroom TeachersNarjes Al MatroudPre-KG
Homeroom TeachersAmal Al-otaibiPre-KG
Homeroom TeachersAnisah Al-NazrPre-KG
Homeroom TeachersGhadeer Abousalehkg teacher
Homeroom TeachersMariam Al-MutawaKG
Homeroom TeachersBatool Al HashimKG
Homeroom TeachersHeather OrianoKG
Homeroom Teachersmara PagsanganKG
Homeroom TeachersSukainah Al IbrahimKG
Homeroom TeachersMona AlfarkiKG
Homeroom TeachersRehab HaiderGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersHuda AlMarhoonGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersKaline SwartzPre-KG
Homeroom TeachersJenan Al SaffarGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersAnhar AlRamadanGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersRula BuHulaigaGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersHuda AlhumoodGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersMahogany GrandisonGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersAlina MasalovaGrade 1
Homeroom TeachersSara Browngrade 1
Homeroom TeachersHana Al marhoonGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersTasneem DalvieGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersNarjes AbdulwahabGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersFatimah OughlyGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersSweetie ShermanGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersSweetie ShermanGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersTracy ReddingGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersRookaya EbrahimGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersDeeba FarooqGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersAdelaide WalbrughGrade2
Homeroom TeachersEstelle EsterhuzenGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersMaytha AlsubaieGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersFelicity CoughlanGrade 2
Homeroom TeachersAleya AlasmakhGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersNia EppersonGrade3
Homeroom TeachersDarrylan SaddlerGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersAyesha AkramGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersLama SaadedinGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersKeenan fortuinGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersSylvia SweenyGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersLeila OumarGrade 3
Homeroom TeachersKawthar AlasmakhGrade 4
Homeroom TeachersAnastasiaGrade 4
Homeroom TeachersRiswana BegamGrade 4
Homeroom TeachersElizabeth MarshGrade 5
Homeroom TeachersSamar AlSudairGrade 5
Homeroom TeachersFatimah AlrashdiGrade 5
Homeroom TeachersRaghad BasagerGrade 6
Homeroom TeachersAmy KiddyGrade 6
Middle and High SchoolSondos WaliMath Teacher for High School
Middle and High SchoolMaryam AlbuhyerMath Teacher
Middle and High SchoolRamlah KhamisGrade 8
Middle and High SchoolSomayah Abdulla SaleemScience Teacher
Middle and High SchoolArshy WahabMath teacher
Middle and High SchoolShaymaa Abo-MoslimScience Teacher
Middle and High SchoolEmma GallagherGrade 10
Middle and High SchoolDr. Kim AndrewsScience Teacher
Middle and High SchoolAlexandra SchwanborgLanguage Arts
Middle and High SchoolSuraya DalvieLanguage Arts
Middle and High SchoolLesre WilliamsLanguage Arts
Middle and High SchoolKarla Olverasocial studies
Middle and High SchoolMariam Aldossarysocial studies
Middle and High SchoolTara HayesLanguage Arts
Middle and High SchoolFatima AlSudeerPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolHeba altaroutiPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolFatimah AlmarhoonPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolShaikhah almousaPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolZainab AlmutawaPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolZainab AlmarhoonPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolKara BrackneyPhysical Education Teacher
Middle and High SchoolLaila AL-QahtaniIT Teacher
Middle and High SchoolFatimah AlsaifIT Teacher
Middle and High SchoolMaram AlJaaferiIT Teacher
Middle and High SchoolRamlah AlramadhanIT Teacher
Middle and High SchoolAbrar AlDarIT Teacher
Middle and High SchoolSumera abidArt Teacher
Middle and High SchoolZahra AlJanabi[email protected]
Middle and High SchoolNariman AlmostafaArt Teacher
Middle and High SchoolSalma Al-khalifaArt Teacher
Middle and High SchoolSarah AlHamadLibrarian
Middle and High SchoolAyat AljutailLibrarian
Arabic and IslamicWadha AlKhaldiLead Teacher
Arabic and IslamicAmaal AlsayedLead Teacher
Arabic and IslamicFatmah AljassimArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicShimaa AlbkheetKSA Teacher
Arabic and IslamicAfnan AlsabhanIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicBalqees AlGamdiIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicKhawlah AlarfajIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicBadriah AljunaidIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicFatimah AlwhaiebIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicNawal AlHarbiIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicSara AldougilanIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicFatima AldubaikelArabic and Islamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicAshowaq AlsamanArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicSoad Saleh AlRubayeIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicDoaa AlhelalArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicAiysha AlqarniIslamic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicMona AlomranArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicFatimah AlsaeedArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicAseel HubaniArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicZainab AlramadanArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicAsma AlmousaArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicKhlood AlKhalifaArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicLamia AlasiriArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicSaliha masmaliArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicLatefah AlabdulgaderArabic Teacher
Arabic and IslamicLeena GomawiKSA Teacher
Arabic and IslamicNada AlarfajArabic Teacher
Educational AssistantsDoaa Al saihatiKG Assistant
Educational AssistantsSeham AlenziKG Assistant
Educational AssistantsFaten AlelqEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsMona Al IbrahimEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsAreej BojbarahEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsHeba Al hamoud Educational Assistant
Educational AssistantsFatimah AhmadEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsEman AlSayadEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsMaryam AlsunbulEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsEman Al NowaiserEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsFatimah AlRibhEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsWaheeda AlYousefEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsMariam Al-NoaimEducational Assistant
Educational Assistantszahra AlWailEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsNora AlotaibiEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsLubna BakhamseenEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsGhadah AlhamedEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsFai AlMohawasEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsNamah Al-HamoudEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsNajla AlmelhemEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsSharifa Saleh AlShayaEducational Assistant
Educational AssistantsSara ShakhourEducational Assistant

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