How to help children benefit from e-learning platforms and digital classrooms

How to help children benefit from e-learning platforms and digital classrooms

During the current events in the world regarding the COVID-19 virus, many of the sensitive and important institutions are failed to proceed because of these events. One of them are schools;
So how could your child adapt to the absence of his school? And how should he respond and interact during this?
Advanced technology now is everywhere, with e-learning platforms it’s now easier for anyone to learn anything anywhere. As e-learning platforms are kind of school and university stimulation but with many advanced practices.
We’ll answer any question related to your child in this phase and how should he deal with it using virtual classrooms and e-learning.

What is e-learning platforms?

They’re platforms for both children and adults that provide various academic content in many fields of learning for students, graduates, and children who like to learn remotely about one or more of their preferred subjects.
These digital platforms contribute to solving the current issue by providing students with the best possible academic so they could improve their skills and upgrade their knowledge in different subjects and topics they prefer. These websites provide the best practices to encourage people to achieve their goals.
In these events, the best you can do is to encourage them to join virtual classrooms and e-learning platforms to make real-time progress and learn something new.

The best e-learning platforms

We’ll give you a summary of the best websites that provide you with online courses so you could encourage your child to develop their abilities to learn a specific subject.

International e-learning platforms

Some other websites and platforms provide scientific and academic materials which also is considered as the best platforms for practicing your knowledge not only learning it. These platforms are available for anyone whatever age they are, they could go and enroll some courses, interact, and practice what they’ve learned.

They also could connect with the instructor directly and attend any discussions they want related to the course, most of them are free-of-charge platforms or have some premium feature while you can enjoy an entire course for free.


It provides plenty of courses for; individuals who want to learn a new skill, or those who want to specialize in certain subjects which uses the website to start a series of courses on that topic with a clear career path from beginners’ level to professionalism.

Also, there is a system for online full diplomas which you can get from the big universities in the world through Coursera, the study usually takes 3 years of completion until you get the degree remotely at home.


The best of the best, as it’s one of the biggest career supportive platforms in the world which is directly related to Linkedin. It’s considered as a huge library of materials and courses for any scientific or academic subjects which is why you can’t watch for free unless you have a premium account starts from 20$. One of its best features is that you can start from zero knowledge and get the certificate you need to practice what you’ve learned in the market.


Another important e-learning platform for adults and students, it provides all kinds of content like programming, drawing, how to gain money online, creativity skills, and more. This platform targets university students and their need of large diploma to upgrade their knowledge until advanced levels and get international certificates.

How to help your child to be creative?

All of the above platforms mentioned making it easier for your child to practice the knowledge they want by playing games and interacting with practical activities to help them improve their soft skills and encourage them to finish the courage through passing exams and other practices.

You can choose from these platforms the best one for your children to help him go through this phase of lockdown without affecting his level in the school.

Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools and their role in e-learning

Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools have a great role in dealing with this phase by interacting with people on social media platforms and provide different types of valuable and interactive content for children to encourage them to continue their path in schools. It also provides various advice for parents on how to deal with their children during this time and help their children improve psychologically and on the educational level.

We created virtual classrooms that work the same as the actual classrooms but more interactive which is already taken by our students and children and they enjoyed them so much as they are able now to continue what they’ve missed in schools and interact within it.