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    Welcome back to our school premises

    back to school premises

    We would like to welcome our students back to school premises for the regular classes.

    We are fully aware that the school environment holds enormous potential for the spread of various viruses, including influenza, cough, chickenpox, and surely the coronavirus.

    RAIS, however, is keen to always keep the students and the staff at ease and calm. No need to panic.

    As we take the proper preventive actions and precautionary measures at our schools. They are the first protection line for our children.

    RAIS commitments towards our students

    • We follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.
    • All our staff is fully vaccinated.
    • Students above 12 years are optionally vaccinated as a precautionary act
    • Advise teachers and parents not to resort to wrong procedures/prescriptions from unofficial resources in treatment, like posts shared on social media, WhatsApp groups, or word of mouth!
    • There is an in-house doctor and a fully equipped clinic that is directly in contact with the emergency rooms in the nearby hospitals.
    • Invite children who suffer from fever, weakness, and pallor to check the temperature immediately in the clinic at the school and do the PCR- if needed. We act accordingly.
    • We regularly encourage our students and staff to wash their hands regularly. Location of our handwashing facilities all over the school premises.
    • The classrooms disinfection is a regular precautionary measure before and after the students leave. It is not only in the classroom but the tables, books, toys, furniture…. etc.
    • We provide face shields and masks and make them obligatory while attending the school day.
    • Apply social distancing at the school premises. The capacity of our classrooms is already considering this fact and we keep the students’ numbers as low as possible.
    • We work with the parents to educate their children about the importance of precautionary measures.

    Parents commitments

    • Not to send the student to the schools if there are any flu symptoms.
    • Make sure to be fully vaccinated.
    • Avoid taking the children out in crowded places.
    • Urge the students to wash their hands at home regularly.
    • Report any positive cases that took place at home.
    • Do not follow any information or advice from unofficial sources.
    • Be flexible if need any online classes in case of emergency.