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    Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools won eight medals in Bebras Competition

    Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools won eight medals in Bebras Competition

    Bebras Competition

    A new achievement will be added to Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools records in 2020. Eight of our students won gold and bronze medals in Bebras Mawhiba 2020. Six of them from Damam branch – Boys section and 1 from Dammam branch – Girls section and the other one from Mughrizat branch.

    Bebras is an international competition to improve computational thinking among schools’ students for all ages. The competition includes the computational thinking using a group of problem solving skills that are used by programming engineers to create programs and application.

    Mr. Alan Hood, RAIS, Dammam branch director said “Recently, a number of our students enter a competition organized by Bebras. Bebras is an international organization that operates in around about 40 countries around the world. It is that to promote computer science and computational thinking. In other words, “problem solving””

    Mr. Alan added “The advantage of this is that it doesn’t rely on memorization, but encourage students to use the knowledge that they have and think about the problems in front of them, this is particularly important in today’s environment.”

    He added “I’m very pleased to say that six of our students from this school were awarded medals including one gold medal, which is an excellent achievement, I would like to say congratulation to them and also to the other students in the other schools that also achieved medals.