RAIS – Riyadh – Al Mughrizat (Girls Section)


Welcome to Rowad Al Khaleej Mughrizat School

Rowad Al Khaleej International School, situated in Mogharazat district in Riyadh, offers wonderful educational opportunities for Saudi and International students. The school consists of two divisions, for girls, housed in modern and advanced facilities which create a positive learning environment for students and staff.

Welcome to Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools Al Mughrizat (Girls Section)

  • Opening 2015
  • Location: Mughrizat Area in Riyadh
  • Team:  More than 29 Teachers and Educational employees Native, Saudi  and Arabs.
  • CurriculumAmerican for Math and Science (hard court) and Saudi curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic and Cultural Studies.
  • License: Working under supervision of Ministry of Education under license 4360140122
  • classes in arts, information technology and physical education
  • Capacity: 1900 Student
  • Total Size: 16,000 M2
  • Number of labs: 3
  • Number of Classes: 24

Sources of expertise:  Alliances with global leaders of the same field:  Leader in Me, Linguaphone London, and Skyward.

Materials:  Traditional textbooks, classrooms, Applied education, and Advanced digital libraries.

School Fees

Level Fees Fees after Discount Discount %
Nursery 38,000 30,400 20%
Pre-K-KG 40,000 32,000 20%
Intermediate 43,000 34,400 20%
High-school 45,000 36,000 20%

Give your children the education and care that they deserve

Contact Numbers

School Phone Number:
9200 33 433


25% Corporate Agreements


One Way Round Trip Discount
2000 4000 500
For one Sibling

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