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    RAIS – Riyadh – Al Mughrizat (Boys Section)

    Rowad AlKhaleej International School in Riyadh - AlMughrizat Area - Boys Section

    There is no doubt that many parents encounter huge anxiety when it comes to choosing a suitable school for their children. Since choosing the appropriate school for children is the first and most important step to build their future, it’s through school that students receive the scientific, academic, and cognitive knowledge. That helps them enhance their abilities and improve their minds and moving towards a brilliant future. Therefore, choosing the appropriate school is the first step for children to acquire those vital requirements. Hence, when they pass the school education phase, they go through new horizons of the business market and acquire professional careers. Based on the importance of the school’s significant role for children, improving their future, and allowing them opportunities for a better life. We will offer you the effective standards and criteria that will help you choose the best international school in Riyadh.

    International School in Riyadh
    About Rowad Al-Khaleej International School, Riyadh, Boys Section
    • The school was founded in 2017
    • Location: Al- Mughrizat neighborhood, Riyadh
    • Professional teams: Administrative and educational teams, more than 30 teachers and administrators of various nationalities, native English speakers, in addition to Arab and Saudi teachers.
    • License: It operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Education based on License No. Q: 4360140122
    • Capacity: 1900 Student
    • Total Size: 16,000 M2
    • Number of labs: 3
    • Number of Classes: 14
    The standards that make Rowad AlKhaleej International School in Riyadh one of the best international schools in Riyadh for your children?
    • Educational curriculum

    Many of Riyadh city schools provide different types of curricula according to different levels, and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is pivotal to choose the school that offers the appropriate curriculum which suits your children and their aspirations for the future. Rowad Al-Khaleej International School relies on the best American curricula for science and mathematics subjects. In addition to Saudi curricula for the Arabic language, Islamic subject, geography, and history of the Kingdom. In doing so, it provides both international education and opportunities to open up to global horizons, while enforcing the Arabic mother tongue and the national culture at the same time.

    • Quality of education

    One of the most important criteria to choose the appropriate school for your children is of high quality education. It is to ensure achieving the optimum standards for various aspects of the educational process, including:

    • The Quality of the subjects and curricula
    • The Quality of the infrastructure
    • The efficiency of educational and administrative cadres
    • Optimal management of human and financial resources
    • Constant improvement

    In this regard, Rowad Al Khaleej International School for boys in Riyadh provides educational curricula that keep pace with international standards and the highest educational quality.

    In addition to providing the latest equipment, capabilities, human and educational cadres, teaching aids, sports, and recreational facilities. Rowad Al Khaleej International School cooperates with the most prominent international institutions in the educational field such as Skyward, The Leader in me, and Linguaphone London.

    • Educational methods

    Along with the aforementioned advantages, Rowad Al Khaleej International School for Boys provides the latest educational methods; including books, smart classes, applied education, advanced digital libraries. Moreover, it provides an effective educational environment for students at all levels. And to cope with the current stream of online education policies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a virtual classroom system has been implemented to allow students to pursue their studies regularly from home. Through these classes, students can communicate with their teachers and continue their studies as if they were in school classrooms. Besides, Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools provide an effective multinational environment of students and teachers from different backgrounds. This helps students acquire interaction skills, and engage in social communication and teamwork environments.

    • Teachers

    When it comes to the optimal choice of schools and the quality of education, there is no doubt that the teachers’ qualifications are some of the most important criteria. Teachers are considered the link between the educational knowledge and students’ minds. Therefore, teachers take on the task of delivering the educational knowledge to students’ mentalities in a way that suits their individual mental and cultural differences. Hence, Rowad Al Khaleej International School for boys in Riyadh depends on cadres of international accredited teachers, who are native English speaking and have a high degree of competence, experience, and specialization. This ensures achieving the educational systems at the best level.

    • Location availability

    The school’s location is one of the most important pivotal standards for many parents. Therefore, the more available the school branches are in vital locations, the easier for children and parents to save a lot of time and effort. It also ensures security and safety for children throughout their daily attendance at school. Therefore, Rowad Al Khaleej International School for boys is located in a vital and obvious location in Riyadh, Al-Mugharrazat area.

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    The educational stages at Rowad Al Khaleej International School in Riyadh

    This stage includes students from the age of 7 to 12 years old, where a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education is taught. In addition to extra-curricula for learning English, reading the Holy Quran, physical and health training, and computer science.

    This stage includes students from the age of 12 to 14 years old. At this stage, Subjects are based on an accredited American curriculum. On the other hand, teaching Arabic, Islamic subject, geography, and the history of the Kingdom is based on The Ministry of Education’s Saudi curriculum. In addition to extra English language curricula, reading the Holy Koran, and physical and health training.

    The secondary stage includes students from the ages of 15 to 17 years old. The system adopted at the secondary stage is an independent one, where each class is considered an independent separated unit.

    This system consists of three years. In the first year, students study the first and second levels (the stage of general preparation). In the second and third years, they study the remaining four levels through determining the major course (scientific or literary).

    From the quest for a progressive learning environment that helps bring up a generation capable of keeping pace with modern progress. We offer enriched curricula for Teaching English, Physical and Health training, Abilities, and Achievement.

    School Fees

    Level Fees Fees after Discount Discount %
    Nursery 38,900 32,901 16%
    Pre-K-KG / Elementary 40,900 33,900 18%
    Intermediate 43,900 36,399 17%
    High-school 45,900 37,899 18%

    At Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools, we spare no effort in improving our educational process. Seeking to provide all the optimal educational methods for all stages. To achieve our goal, we ensure that our educational process keeps up with international standards, while preserving our Arabic identity and language at the same time. Through this method, our children have the opportunity to gain international accredited education, without distorting their roots of the Arabic culture.

    In this regard, we seek to improve the scientific and cognitive level of our children and provide them with opportunities to build a bright future full of success. We aspire to achieve this by preparing our students at both levels of knowledge and culture; to be qualified enough to join the prominent international universities. On the other hand, we seek to prepare our students for the global business market, of which standards and cognitive skills improve over time. In Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools, we seek to provide opportunities for our children to acquire all the experience and skills they need to build their future and careers successfully. Because we believe in ourselves and in our students, that is what inspires us to make a difference, and that what makes it the best international school in Riyadh.

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    Give your children the education and care that they deserve

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