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    MISK Students 2020

    MiSK Students 2020


    From left to right, back row. Alan Hood (Director), Meshal Alshalaan, Mahdi Al Ismail Hashim Alismail, Ali Alsadah, Yousef Alkhunaizi, Michael Sprague (Head of High School), Front Row, left to right. Mohammed Almulla, Ali Alabdrubalrida and Faris Al Habib.

    The MISK Foundation accepts about 100 grade ten boys and 100 grade ten girls from throughout the Kingdom to go on a two- year MiSK College Preparation Course. This year eight of our students from the boys’ school and five from the girls’ school were successful in their applications. Depending upon the course that they choose they will go either to Harvard or to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK for a summer program. In the second year they will attend a course which will help them prepare for their SAT exams.