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    International Schools in Riyadh | Fees and Advantages

    International Schools Fees

    International Schools in Riyadh | Fees, and Advantages

    The new world’s challenges are getting bigger each new day which requires an education system that can cope with the fast-paced rhythm of our lives. International schools are more important than ever to support this progress.

    Future jobs will be competitive because the job market is getting tougher. More than any time in the past the jobs soon will require new skills and personal capabilities that go beyond the normal academic practices.

    There are more than 1900 international schools all around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving around 280000 accepting students, employing more than 20000 teachers and 3000 employees centralized in Jeddah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Region.

    The ministry of education stated last year that there is a plan to encourage more investors to invest in this sector to increase this number in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030.

    Riyadh Schools

    Since Riyadh is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, most of the locations of international schools are there. It is full of Saudis as well as foreigners and ex-pats. This variety requires high-profile schools to satisfy the demands of the population to find the best for their children.

    Why international schools?

    It comes directly from the naming “international” that it is connected to a global international education system valid in many countries and universities around the world. The unified advanced education system of these schools gives more flexibility and choices for its students.

    Unlike national schools, international schools provide project-based learning with a focus on critical thinking and teamwork. They follow the university’s same education framework. The students who graduated are well prepared for university life.

    International schools provide scholarship opportunities that empower the students and sharpen their skills. traveling abroad adds to the overall life experience of the student which is as important as the academic part

    How to choose the best international school?

    Many factors contribute to the choice of the best international schools. The location is crucial as the nearer the school, the easier the travel to and from the location. Since this article is with Riyadh school concern, this factor is minor as it is easy to spot a nearby school.

    The education system comes next on the list, is it the American system? British? Or maybe Australian? Etc…

    At last, comes the International Schools Fees as the ruling factor of all.

    International school fees in Riyadh

    International school tuition fees range in Riyadh is from 11000 to 90000 SR. The decision-making process may take some time and requires visits to the school premises.

    This gap is related to the type of certificate obtained which is mainly the International Baccalaureate (ib) which we will tackle in detail later.

    Value for money

    The school fees are dependable on the quality of the school’s buildings, efficiency of the teaching staff, the curriculum, and the certificate.

    Let have an overview of the main international certificates.

    SAT- IB and IG


    The highest price range in the international schools in Riyadh is due to the International Baccalaureate (ib).

    It is a nonprofit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland that offers this certificate with a presence in over 150 countries around the world and supervises more than 3500 schools worldwide.

    This high-priced certificate is considered a golden passport to all the universities in the world with very few exceptions.

    It is the first choice for parents who are planning to provide their children with the best education system and plans to send them abroad for university education. It also enlarges the scope of the choices regarding the major and the faculty.


    The IGCSE is an international certificate that is developed by the University of Cambridge and recognized mainly in the UK and based on the British curriculum with some modifications.

    The framework covers the major subjects; languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, technical and vocational. It gives good access to a variety of universities in many countries.


    The SAT is another popular education system that stands for Scholastic Assessment Test which is an American framework that qualifies for education in the United States of America’s universities, institutions, and the job market.

    School Buildings

    The atmosphere and the surroundings contribute to a successful academic atmosphere.
    The new constructions and friendly warm school buildings and interiors are important factors in the pricing.

    A visit to the school is important to explore the place and compare it to the International Schools Fees. The lab, the playground, a swimming pool, library are all important and relatively higher school registration fees.

    Teaching Staff

    Qualified, professional teachers are also an important factor in the process of pricing. Native language speakers or teachers holding PhDs with experience are crucial when it comes to assigning a price to a school. The teaching staff is the most important among all the reasons mentioned.

    Introduce yourself to the teachers and have a good chat with them, you will get a good insight into their skills and characters.

    The school administration is managing the whole system and it is directly connected to the work being done inside the school.

    Investing money in a good international school is an investment in your child that will in return be reflected in his character and mind. It is the most precious investment that you will – investment in a human being.

    Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools

    Started in 2010, Rowad Alkhaleej International School is certified by Cognia and has a very good reputation within Riyadh schools as it offers its services to both boys and girls.

    The International Schools Fees range from 38000 to 45000 SR according to the grade.

    The school consists of two divisions, for boys and girls, housed in modern and advanced facilities which create a positive learning environment for students and staff.

    It also embeds the STEAM system into the main curriculum to encourage creative thinking through math, science, and arts.

    The main aim is to empower students to think creatively, value diversity, pursue a passion for learning, and contribute positively to society while continuing to embrace the values of society. For more information.

    The investment and the human value

    The money invested in a human being is the best investment. Your child is a blessing and the project of your lifetime. In a world full of rapid changes in our lifestyle, technology education, economies, life requirement; building a new generation is a tough challenge.