Children’s Day, History and Importance

Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. We live in a world full of children and their circumstances differ from one country to another. However, we all know that children are the reason of happiness for their parents and helping them have their rights is super important.

World children’s day
World Children’s Day was first established in 20 November 1954 along with the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and is celebrated on this day of every year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide.

World children’s day events
People around the world are celebrating this special day. In Japan, they annually celebrate children’s day three times by organizing public concerts in streets and public squares, and children wear their local uniform. In Colombia, children wear clowns’ masks on this day.
In Saudi Arabia where children are 39% of people, they celebrate this special day by organizing events for painting and organizing the popular event “The Young Merchant”… in malls and inside schools.

World Children’s day slogan
UNICEF called nations all over the world to celebrate and light historical buildings in blue. The slogan of the day is “it is time for every child, to have every right.”

How to celebrate world children’s day with your kids?
Here are a group of ideas you could follow to celebrate this special day.

  • Decorate your child’s room
  • Talk to him about his wishes for himself and children all over the world
  • make him participate in charity work to help children
  • Leave him a constructive message
    In Rowad alkhaleej International Schools, we’ve celebrated this day with our students. They had a presentation about world’s children day history and goals and their rights in having great education and healthy life.