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Welcome to Baraem Rowad AlKhaleej International Kindergarten

welcomes you and your child to a wonderful journey of learning!
The Baraem Rowad AlKhaleej International Kindergarten Early Learning framework views children as capable and full of potential. we treat our students as individuals with complex identities.Their individual strengths and capabilities, and their unique social, linguistic, and cultural heritage. Children are respected at Baraem, they are the sprouts rooted in and nurtured from the beginning by a rich, supportive foundation comprised of relationships with their families and communities, their language and culture, and surrounding environment.

More About Baraem Rowad AlKhaleej International Kindergarten

  • Opening 2017
  • Location: Almogarazat Area in Riyadh
  • Team: More than 30 Teachers and Educational employees Native, Saudi and Arabs
  • License: Working under supervision of Ministry of Education under license 4360140122
  • CurriculumAmerican for Math and Science (hard court) and Saudi curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic and Cultural Studies.
  • Classes in arts, information technology and physical education
  • Capacity: 1900 Student
  • Total Size: 16,000 M2
  • Number of labs: 3
  • Number of Classes: 8
  • Sources of expertise:  Alliances with global leaders of the same field:  Leader in Me, Linguaphone London, and Skyward.
  • Materials:  Traditional textbooks, classrooms, Applied education, and Advanced digital libraries.

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Give your children the education and care that they deserve

Contact Numbers

School Phone Number:
112145475 – 0509990368


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