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The students of Rowad Al Khaleej International School participated in the International Orphan Day for the year 2016 and made a donation in favor of orphans with the intention of sponsoring an orphan

Charitable activity for the benefit of orphans for the beneficiary families program 2017 under the supervision of Mrs Hanadi Al-Saleh and students of Rowad Al-Khaleej International School

Rowad Al-Khaleej International School students donated to drill a charity well ongoing charity

Letters related to community service


Donate to the Autism Families Association

Letters related to community service

Gulf Girl Day Care Association

Community service is an essential aspect of education in RAIS. We provide students the opportunity to get out of the classroom and learn from their community in new settings and experiences while also giving back to people in need and enabling them to make connections in the community from a young age, which roots community service in their concept and enables them to sustain serving their community after graduation

Visiting a ACCEL center for people with special needs

Our graduates visit to Eithar Foundation