10 Tips and tricks to prepare your Kid for the New year

Tips and tricks to prepare your Kid for the new year

tips and tricks - خطوات تُساعدك على التخطيط

Finally, your kid has finished the exams, and you’re about receiving a new year, so you should get your kid for it and the Mid-year vacation.

We’ll give you some tips and tricks that will help you get the best of it.

1- Psychological preparation

You have to prepare your kid psychologically for the new year, by making them understand it is a new opportunity to achieve what he has missed the able to achieve last year. and it’s a great year full of achievements is waiting.

2- Early Sleep routine

Try to keep the early sleeping routine even on the off days, so let your kid go to bed early and wake up early, by giving him a cup of warm milk and turn off the lights, and the most important thing cut the sugar at night.

3- Put a plan

before the new year, you have to sit with your kid and put a new a good plan for everything, it should cover All sides like studying, playing, sleeping, sports so on.

4- Read for him

You have to use his free time in the vacations for reading stories and small books that giving him new skills, and make him love reading and studying.

5- Friends are important

Call his friend’s parents and arrange a meeting or a picnic or playing football together.

6- Sharing

sharing is caring, you have to involve your kid in the decisions and make him choose his things, tools, colors, etc

7- Motivate your kid

You should always motivate your child, rewarding him whenever he does something, that will encourage him to do his duties to the fullest.

8- Healthy food

Make your kid eat a healthy breakfast before they go to school, to activate their minds and mental skills, such as eating foods that contain vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and various important elements such as iron, calcium and rich in dietary fiber.

9-Emotional support

you should provide moral and emotional support to your child, listen and take care of him, and make him feel that school time is not a time separating you, but rather than he learning and making good stories to tell.

10- Time Management

Try to organize your child’s time during the day in terms of bedtime, food, and play.