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A Word from the RAIS Dammam Girls section

February, 15, 2017

A Word from the RAIS Dammam Girls section
As the third quarter comes to an end, it’s important to reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far this year and what we have yet to achieve. With one quarter remaining of the school year; students faculty and parents are gearing up for the final quarter. High School students focus on the final exams, especially our high school seniors as the ponder where they will study post-secondary. Younger students dream of summer vacation and the break from school, teacher, staff, and administration begin planning for next year – so much to do and so much to prepare.
It is a busy time, but as we focus on what lies ahead , let’s all remember to focus on now; the present – let’s take time to enjoy our family, our friends and each other – have a happy spring break.