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Elementary Section Early Learners and Leader In Me Lighthouse School

March, 1, 2017

Elementary Section
Early Learners and
Leader In Me
Lighthouse School
As many of our supportive parents know, we foster and practice the Seven Habits of Happy Children. An American program that was created by Franklin Covey to help children become positive leaders in school and in their community. As we “Begin with the End in Mind”, we would like to share that our Lighthouse audit is approaching. The proposed date for this audit is in the month of April. If we are successful during this audit, Our school is slated to become the first lighthouse school in the Middle East.
From the VP
Early Learners Corner-Exciting Times
It is an exciting time in the world of kindergarten. Academically, the students are increasing their word and knowledge base on a daily basis. This year, KG will be involved in doing a Science Fair project. Each Kindergarten class will have the opportunity to “strut” their stuff when it comes to Science. Students and parents have the option of making their own science displays for the fair.
Dammam Girls section
Kindergarten is also preparing for their GRADUATION. Graduation only comes twice in a child’s lifetime while in school and as a school we like to ensure that it is memorable for both parent and child. Our KG parents were very ‘Proactive” in making sure graduation fees were paid on time. We appreciate all the extra effort.
Elementary Section-BuZZZZZZrific Time!
This year’s spelling bee was BZZZZZamazing! Our top spellers from each classroom competed within their grade level for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals. This year KG was invited to partake in their very first Spelling Bee. We were so proud of all of our outstanding spelling contestants and participants.