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    Rowad Alkhaleej for Special Education is launching the “Summer Special Education Program”


    Rowad Alkhaleej for Special Education is launching the

     “Summer Special Education Program 

    Rowad Al Khaleej School for Special Education has launched its summer program to continue our passion for developing our children with autism or ADHD.
    The program focuses on providing educational and supportive services during the summer for the children in kindergarten and primary grades. 

    Based on our knowledge of the lack of summer programs specially those designed for special education, we have launched “Summer Special Education Program” as a significant solution to evolution discontinuity of our children with autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during the summer. As these disorders require constant follow-up and training persistence to preserve the achieved milestones in the process of their development. 

    The program offers several individual and group sessions, that including educational and training services, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy and language therapy in those areas:   

    • Academic and pre-academic skills.  
    • Cognitive behavioral skills. 
    • Socialization behavioral skills. 
    • Help behavior self-skills. 
    • Motor skills. 
    • Language and Speech skills. 

    Three days a week for eight weeks, the program will be start on 23 May 2021 until 13 Jul 2021 

    Three days a week for three weeksthe program receives students from Rowad Al-Khaleej School for Special Education and students outside our schools as wellto fill in the gap of summer programs as,
    mentioned before and driven by our belief in the importance of such summer programs 

    You can know more details about subscription fees and registration through the following link:  Click Here