Special Education Scholarship

As per the Kingdom’s  2030 Vision and the standards of AlKhaleej Training and  Education Company, regarding the Special needs students, to highlight the aspects of creativity, appreciation, support and awareness to the community of their talents.

The scholarship program for special needs students was approved to contribute to the generation of a promising generation of young people well-acknowledged  with knowledge, skill, and awareness of the requirements of development.

Target group:
Autism, hyperactivity, and distraction.
The program supports autism (simple to moderate), as well as hyperactivity and distraction cases from the age of 5-12.

The program:
It is a scholarship program for special needs.
The special education program offers a discount by 50% or a full discount as per the committee’s decision. The scholarship is for Saudi students only.

General software settings :

  1. The study will be in Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools, at the special education department .
  2. The program and its beneficiaries willll abide by the regulations and procedures governing education in Saudi Arabia.
  3. The program will be committed to selecting the appropriate place for the student according to the student’s abilities and diagnosis according to the committee’s decision.


  1. Provide full or partial support to special needs students who meet the requirements of the program.
  2. Establishing students enrolled in scholarships in a sound development environment that makes them effective in society.
  3. Preparation of the program and the individual educational plan will be appropriate for each case within its various capacities and needs.

Entry requirements:

  1. The student will be diagnosed with autism or hyperactivity and distraction.
  2. The student will go through the IQ test.
  3. the student will be in the 5-12 age group.
  4. Passing the personal interview with the committee and the program team.
  5. The Committee has the right to exclude the student from the program in case of non-compliance with the behavioral and medical treatment exercises in case they are included in the reports and diagnosis.
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