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Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools visit inpatients at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah

Middle school students at Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools in Jeddah visited inpatients whose health conditions forced them to stay in white beds at King Abdullah’s Medical Complex in Jeddah, along with Mr. Rayan Al-Subhi and Mr. Calvin Zolani.
They were received by the Public Relations team, Mr. Faisal Al-Safry, Mr. Marei Al-Ahmari, and the Public Relations training student, Ghazal Madani, along with the assistant management team for nursing services in the fourth inpatient ward, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hawari, and Mr. Hossam Al-Harthy.
The visit aimed to draw a smile on the faces of the patients, bring joy and happiness to their hearts, and consolidate the relationship between the community, in hopes of improving the patient’s condition for the better. Roses were distributed to the patients and souvenir photos were taken with them, praying to God for a speedy recovery.
On this occasion, the director of Rowad Alkhaleej International Schools, Mr. Majid Al-Ghamdi conjured up Prophet Muhammed’s words about the virtue of visiting the patient, “May God bless him, and peace be upon him: Whoever visits a sick person or visits a brother for whom he is in God, a herald will call out to him, “You are well, and your walking is good, and you have occupied a place in Paradise.”, narrated by Al-Tirmidhi and Hassanah, and Ibn Majah and Al-Albani declared it good.”
He continued, saying, based on the guidance of the Prophet’s Sunnah, the volunteer work group at Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools was keen on encouraging the student’s visit to inpatients at King Abdullah’s Medical Complex to instill good Islamic values and contribute to alleviating the suffering of patients.
On his behalf, he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the complex’s management for allowing the volunteer work group to make this visit, hoping that the Almighty will have a benign impact on the patients’ souls, and in raising a conscious generation capable of active participation in serving their country.