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AC Milan

Who are we?

AC Milan Football Academies are a network of over 100 affiliated clubs on the Italian territory and in several abroad countries that offer a technical and educational program based on the AC Milan Method. Each school has the role of Educative Center that, through football, creates and promotes different sport cultures to all children and adults involved: coaches, directors, and parents.

Scope and Methods

We take your biggest passion onto the pitch. through Method. For a correct introduction to the footballing game, the basics are learnt on the pitch with AC Milan’s Football Academies.

Every kid is supported in his growth following an Integrated Method based on the most important values of the footballing culture. The young footballers grow up as sportsmen and -women, focusing on honing technique and developing athletic skills in the light of a tactical way of thinking.

Every training session is focused on preparing the kids, starting from knowledge of the rules, through fair play and a balanced diet. A full training which comes with the experience of the coaches and the staff of a great club like AC Milan.

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