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Our students qualify for the International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad Competition

Four of our students are preparing to travel to Kazakhstan to represent Saudi Arabia in the Mendeleev Olympic Chemistry Competitions, the most challenging international competition in this discipline. 

The passion for chemistry gathered each of our four heroes: 

  • Ali Salah Al-Mousa
  • Mirza Fouad Al-Karam
  • Hassan Abdul-Jalil Al-Khalifa
  • Lina Khaled Al-Shamsi

These four students are the best representatives of their country, their families, and their school.

The Mendeleev Olympiad Competition is an international competition that has been held annually for over 53 years. It got its name after the Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev, the one who explored the periodic table of elements. The competition takes place in Russian, and the questions are translated into English for non-native speakers.


The questions of the Mendeleev Chemistry Competition range from easy to difficult. For the student to be able to prepare well for it, he undergoes a rigorous training program, which he must pass to be competent to qualify for the finals. This is exactly what our students did, as they spent the hours of training with unparalleled excellence. 


According to the competition schedule, our dear students will remain in Kazakhstan until May 7, 2023, wishing them a safe journey and return, loaded with new achievements and knowledge, and to be sure that we and their families have never been more proud of them and their achievements, and that we are always there to provide help and support whenever they request.

And to all our students at all levels of study, we invite you to follow their example and do your best in  acknowledging your abilities and dreams. And we promise you that we will not stop believing in you and provide the ideal environment for the flourishing of your exceptional talents and creativity.