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Our student Lina Al Shamasy qualifies for the final round of the International Olympics

  A new achievement to add to the achievements of our students. Our Student, Lina Khaled Al Shamasy, qualified for the final round of the Mawhiba Program for the 2023 International Olympics, majoring in Chemistry. Lina said she would not have achieved this far without her consistent pursuit of excellence, driven by the support of Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools for her efforts.


Lina Al Shamasy’s Journey to the final rounds

Lina Khaled Al-Shamasy qualified for the International Olympics this year after her success in obtaining the bronze medal in 2019 in the Mawhoob competition, which is an annual scientific competition targeting outstanding students in science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

The Mawhoob competition includes students from the sixth grade of primary school until the third middle grade.

This year’s announcement of eligibility for the competition came after persistent efforts by the student Lina, which lasted for four years, during which she witnessed intensive training remotely and in person in qualified training centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including a summer and winter gatherings, high-level electronic training, and a spring meeting dedicated to the elite students.

After completing and succeeding in this intensive training, these efforts resulted in Lina’s qualifying for the final qualifiers for the International Olympics competition, which is held annually in summer, with the participation of over 100 countries in specific fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and science, which has been successfully going on for more than fifty years.


How to participate in the Mawhoob competition?

Participation in the Mawhoob competition starts in August of each year, and the program is implemented during October of the same year, provided that science and mathematics are for students of the sixth primary and first middle grades, and chemistry, physics, and biology are for students of the second and third intermediate grades.


Mawhoob competition stages

  1. Registration for the Mawhoob competition starts at the beginning of August, by registering on the Mawhiba official website or through the electronic application designated for it.
  2. Qualified students are trained remotely through the scientific purse published in Mawhoob Library on the official Mawhiba website. If a student passes this purse, they are nominated for the second stage of the test. 
  3. As soon as the talented student succeeds, he gets instructed with intensive and advanced scientific tests and exercises at the end of which he is assigned to tests that end with the liquidation of applicants for the Mawhiba Program competition for the International OlympicsOlympicss.
  4. Students are trained in the second phase of the Mawhoob 2 exams in person in the educational district to which they belong.


What are the conditions for participating in the Mawhoob competition?

The conditions for participating in the Mawhoob competition are very simple, it only takes the following:

  1. The student must be a Saudi citizen.
  2. Register for the competition by filling out the electronic form on the website.
  3. The student can only register for one academic major.
  4. The due registration fee must be paid in advance.

Once the student succeeds in passing the talent competition exams, he is entitled to qualify to join the International Olympics competition, in which you can also participate through the following:


How can you participate in the Mawhiba International Olympics Program?

Unlike the Mawhoob competition, students from the fifth primary to the third intermediate grade can easily join the competition, all that is needed is:

  1. To be a Saudi citizen or from a Saudi mother.
  2. The student must pass the talent exams mentioned earlier.

You can learn more about the Mawhiba program for the International Olympics, forums, and events held during the training by visiting the dedicated page here.

Ultimately, we’d like to congratulate the student Lina Khaled Al-Shammasy one more time for her outstanding achievement. We wish her continuous success in what is to come. As we encourage our other students to participate and highlight their exceptional talents in all fields, especially scientific ones. Do not hesitate to prepare well for the upcoming Mawhoob competition, as August is approaching. Rowad Al Khaleej School is always here to support you with everything you need to qualify.