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We welcome you to our educational facility of renewed thought with integrated facilities.The idea of creating Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools is based on conscious studies and proper planning,To find a lofty tutorial that serves large segments of the Saudi students and foreign students.

Education is the basic fundamental pillar in the building of both population and country. Proper education lives up and maintains society’s values and security. It works on establishing cohesion, solidarity and love, strengthens the economic structure which is based on knowledge, and brings up a quality level of life for our sons and daughters.

From this belief and perspective, Al Khaleej for Training and Education stepped serious steps. To prepare a generation of future leaders through a vision based on innovation in education to pride the cultural heritage and national identity, and to remote the pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools rely on international curriculum for scientific and linguistic disciplines that focus on the global vision, in addition to the Saudi curriculum for Arabic language and Islamic studies.

Regarding the administrative control, the schools were divided into sections supervised by a supervisor and assistant supervisor all selected according to their competence and experience in order to serve the educational philosophy and the schools’ mission.

Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools accept and admit students starting Pre-school through all equipment, courts, halls and laboratories are equipped with a global standards.

Sublimity of students has been taken into consideration for scientific, cultural and athletic creativity, so our schools integrated in facilities and in their mission toward preparing students for life.

In Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools, we consider parents as partners in the educational process and we always look forward to communicating with them within our vision of the future that is based on improvement and development of the educational process, focusing on making the schools an attractive learning environment, connecting students to their outside community, and building practical personalities that resect intellectual and cultural. Diversity for it builds professional or leadership roles that are capable of discovering their inherent skills and motivates them to achieve a constructive certainty in expressing their identities. We are also so keen to train our teachers and supervisors inside and outside the schools, and to encourage creativity and develop it. Through discovering talents, conducting internal and external competitions, and participating in events.

Dr.Khalid Alsuhaim
Senior Vice President of Education.

Dr.Khalid Alsuhaim