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Rowad Al Khaleej Private Schools will accept female students during the academic year (according to available seats) Inquiries about registration are always welcome, and the student can not reserve a seat unless Tuition fees are paid in full and all student acceptance records are completed at Rowad Al Khaleej School Eligibility.

The student is placed in the appropriate grade by looking at records, age and results Testing the level setting, as our schools seek to put the students in the appropriate grade based on Academic, social and psychological development within the framework of the school’s established guidelines.

Registration Requirements:
For more information please refer to the Registration Requirements

Note: In order to absorb and master all materials, the student is required to pass the leveling exam.

Documents required to complete registration:

  • Pass the acceptance test and interview.
  • Two photos of the family card + the original for the match.
  • Two copies of the vaccination certificate + the original of the match.
  • Two copies of the passport for the student and the guardian + the original for the match.
  • Two copies of the residence permit for the student and guardian (non-Saudi) valid.
  • Two copies of the status card for the student and guardian (Saudi) in force.
  • Copy of the last certificate obtained by the student.


Daily Uniform

  • Regulation light blue or white polo shirt with logo*
  • Regulation dark blue slacks for boys
  • Regulation dark blue skirts or slacks for girls up to 5th grade
  • Regulation dark blue skirts for girls from 6th grade and up
  • Black or white sport shoes with non-marking soles and heels (No sandals for safety reasons)
  • School caps for outside activities (optional)

Physical Education (PE)

  • Regulation T-shirt
  • Regulation blue or white shorts
  • Sports shoes with non-marking soles and heels

Seasonal Wear

  • Regulation blue or white sweatshirt with school logo
  • Regulation blue or white sweater with school logo

Please note that other outerwear may be worn to school and kept in the student’s locker/cubby. Students will not be allowed to wear non-uniforms items in the classroom.

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Please Contact Us or call 0138090755 – 920004196 for information on fees

Siblings Discount
The school offers 10% discount for the second child.