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    Chinese 101: Fluent for Beginners  

    Chinese language for beginners

    The Chinese language dates back to 1766-1123 BC. The engravings of the Chinese language were found on the historical ancient walls, showing us how it consists not only of letters but also of symbols that prove that the Chinese language is one of the hardest languages in the world.

    Known as the Chinese language, Mandarin; is a group of Sinitic languages natively spoken by a wide range of people (The official language of Chinese).

    Chinese has tens of different accents, but the most common 7 are Mandarin, Wu, Xiang, Gan, Keja, Min, and Yue. The native speakers of the Chinese language in the USA have reached 6 million people, mainly living in China Town, New York, and in San Francisco, California as well.

    Mandarin is the official language in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It’s known in China as “Pinghu”, and in Taiwan as “Goyoh’’, while in Singapore and Malaysia as ‘’Hawaio’’. It is also spoken in Hong Kong and Macaw.

    The Chinese Language Highlights

    • The number of Chinese native speakers has reached 1.70 billion.
    • The number of those who speak Chinese as a second language is 1.178 million speakers.
    • The percentage of Chinese online content is 1.4%.
    • The total number of Chinese letters is 3000 letters.

    The perks of learning Chinese

    • It’s listed as one of the United Nations’ official languages.
    • It opens doors for career and travel opportunities.
    • Allows learners to get exposed to different cultures.
    • Learning the hardest languages in the world proves this learner could achieve anything in their career and/or studies.
    • Despite being hard to learn, it’s not hard to start speaking in Chinese. Most learners start communicating with Chinese after a month.

    Learning Chinese language for beginners

    In order for you to learn the language, you will need to follow the following:

    • Start with the alphabets:

    Seems a bit cliché, right? When learning any language, of course, you’re going to start with the alphabet, but when it comes to Chinese, the alphabet is not that easy at all, it could take you a long time to understand that it’s mostly symbols, and some symbols represent a whole word.

    It is Equivalent in English Chinese Letter/Symbol
    C 西
    F 艾弗
    H 艾尺
    L 艾勒
    M 艾马
    N 艾娜
    Q 吉吾
    R 艾儿
    S 艾丝
    U 伊吾
    W 豆贝尔维
    X 艾克斯
    Y 吾艾
    Z 贼德
    • Learn the culture:

    Surrounding yourself with Chinese art will immerse you in it. Watch series in Chinese, listen to their songs, and start reading kids’ stories. This way you won’t only speak the language, you will also know the people.

    • Use Youtube:

    It’s the golden age of technology, and Youtube is the world’s most diverse digital library. You can follow channels such as Karim Khan, Learn Chinese with Litao, and many more to the Chinese language for beginners.

    • Practice Makes Perfect:

    If you started to learn the Chinese language through reading and writing only, you won’t be near-native speakers at all. But if you started to make conversations with other native speakers, or even learners like yourself, you will master the language soon.

    Just remember, it’s okay to make mistakes, and pronounce words in the wrong way while learning.

    Chinese Course in Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools

    Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools (RAIS) values the importance of learning different languages and how it opens doors for new opportunities abroad.

    This is why it teaches a group of the most common languages in the world through comprehensive courses that operate all year long for RAIS’s students, and outsiders as well. RAIS held a Chinese course since it meets the requirements of the labor market.

    For more details about the dates and time of the course, get in touch with us!