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The experience of a virtual teacher and AI

Technology has evolved and proven to be very efficient in expanding and developing the educational experience for both teachers and students worldwide. The virtual teaching experience is an extraordinary one that allows the educator to appear in his actual human size and be present in multiple classes at once.

Virtual education has now become a reality that imposes itself in the most developed countries, but of course, it needs a leader for the learning process itself, and by that, we mean the teacher.

With the advancement of science and technology, fantasy stories are becoming more realistic day by day, and progress in modern educational technologies will allow school students to learn from a virtual teacher located several kilometers away from the school.

What is the process of virtual teaching?

This process is considered an advanced step, as the teacher embodies his natural size in what is known as (a hologram), inside the classroom, to speak to the students directly, in a scene closer to the imagination than to reality. A British company specializing in the field of education has presented this modern technology, which it took twenty years to develop, to the visitors of the educational technology exhibition that was held recently in London.

In this demo, a computer digitally broadcast an image of a sports teacher from a particular school in south London to the exhibition center. Although the distance traveled by the digital transmission was only a few miles, the teacher and the visitors could be anywhere else where there is an Internet portal.

Even if it was thousands of miles away. Davy White, the engineer who developed these modern technologies, says: The difference between the technology used in video conferencing and the technology of the virtual teacher is not great.

In the first place, the image is captured with a video camera and then loaded onto an encrypted card, and the encrypted cards convert the image into digital forms, which are broadcast With the help of special software, to another computer via the Internet, and the receiving computer reverses the process and converts the digital image into a normal appearance.

In the virtual teacher experience, the images are also transmitted via video, but they are displayed in their natural size inside the classroom as if they are real without the viewer feeling the presence of a screen or a video camera.

Where is it currently used?

Currently, this technology is only available in a few British schools, but it is expected to spread to other schools soon, provided that British schools are connected to fast and advanced telephone lines that help facilitate the dissemination of this technology.

Officials in the field of education technology and modern technologies believe that, within a few years, the virtual teacher will have a major role around the world, without negatively affecting the real “human” teacher, as this virtual teacher, who works through three-dimensional technology, will solve a very difficult problem at present.

Accordingly, experts believe that the most important benefits of this technology will be in the field of teaching rare subjects and majors, which often do not have high demand, such as Latin and Greek languages or advanced mathematics, as it is difficult for some institutions and schools to secure the costs of their education or to provide specialists in them.

Final words

By using the technology of the virtual teacher, only one teacher will be able, free of charge and without any additional cost, to teach several classes, which are dispersed in different places and for large numbers of students.

The funny thing is that one of the students commented on this experience, saying: He was able to focus on the subject through the presence of the teacher (hologram), much better than what happens when he is actually present.