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    (Alabqary Alsagheer) interviews Our daughter/ Roqaya Alzarra, a student at Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools.


    (Alabqary Alsagheer) interviews Our daughter/ Roqaya Alzarra, a student at Rowad Al-Khaleej International Schools.

    Last Saturday, the sixth of February this year, an episode of the program (Alabqary Alsagheer) aired on the AlSaudia channel. The program hosted our brilliant daughter Roqaya Alzarra, a student in the fourth grade of primary school at Rowad Al Khaleej International Schools, because of her early research on the Corona virus and her passionate enthusiasm in biology and how she precedes her peers in the same academic level in biology.
    The program dealt with several elements in the conversation with Roqaya about herself and about her early passion for biology, her research, and her dreams to eradicate the Corona virus.

    A surprise was prepared for her from the family of the program which is the hosting of her teacher, Ms. Manal Muhammad AlQathmi, who represents a role model that Roqaya aspires to, and Ms. Manal, her biology teacher at Rowad Al Khaleej International School, has always encouraged her talent.
    Roqaya burst out with tears of joy upon meeting her favorite teacher in a very touching moment. One of Roqaya’s wishes was to meet her favorite teacher face to face because of her preference in guiding and encouraging Roqaya.
    Roqaya has not meet her teacher before face to face, because of e-learning education in Rowad Al Khaleej schools, which was applied at the beginning of the previous year strictly and accurately to limit the spread of the Corona virus, under the precautionary measures recommended by the ministry.

    The program tested Roqaya in information that far exceeds her school class. Roqaya answered the questions with complete proficiency and was honored by the program with a certificate of appreciation from the family of (Alabqary Alsagheer), wished her more success and brilliance.

    On the other hand, we hosted Roqaya and Ms. Manal to speak with them on the background of the meeting, how Roqaya participated in the program, why did she participated, and what is the role of the educational body in the schools of the Gulf pioneers in promoting talent such as Roqaya.
    Enjoyable watching for both interviews!