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We are proud to launch RAIS’s scholarship program in our schools, out of our social responsibility to reward our outstanding students in academic and creative aspects, performing arts, sports, service, and social activism. 

Scholarship winners receive a discount of 5% to 20% of the total tuition fee for the desired program, the amount of the discount being determined separately in each case. Scholarships are valid for one academic year, and their holders will be required to renew them annually. 

Criteria for admission to the Scholarship Program

Our full scholarship program is offered to all students of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia studying the following American curriculum and who meet the following qualifications:

  1. The student who wishes to be nominated must obtain at least 98% in all subjects for the last three years
  2. Students must be enrolled in international schools that apply the American curriculum.
  3. Must Pass the Mawhiba Multiple Mental Abilities Scale test.
  4. Write scholarship essay writing.
  5. Must Pass the personal interview.

The target classes for the scholarship are the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades (high school)

The last date to apply is August 15