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6 tips for organizing the school bag

A well-organized school bag leads to a successful and more productive school day!

The schoolbag is a strong link between home and school that expresses his life and whether it’s organized or not. Organizing school supplies makes them easy to access and use when he needs them without having to borrow pens or papers from his classmates or his bag turns into a mess of unwanted papers.

Here are a few tips that will help you organize your child’s school bag successfully

1- Choose the right bag.

Choose the school bag that suits your child’s needs and school grade

The size of the school bag must be appropriate for your child’s age and requirements. If you are going to buy a new bag, make sure that it is a comfortable backpack, and that it accommodates your school supplies, books, and personal things enough without making it heavier. Also, check the quality of the bag. Will you be able to use it for the next year or is it compatible to tear and disintegrate easily?

2- Put the classes’ daily schedules in front of you

Before you prepare the school supplies, put the class schedule in front of you so that you can divide the items according to what each school day requires.

3- Show all the contents of the bag in front of you

You’re done picking a school bag, now it’s time to organize!

Start with the bag empty, put all the study supplies and textbooks in front of you, and then divide them into two categories: the first category represents the necessary items that your son uses on a daily and basic basis in school, and the second category represents the luxuries that make the school day more enjoyable and easier

School supplies, including books, pens, notebooks, and papers, are among the necessities. As for the section of luxuries that he takes with him to school and brings home, they are water bottles, exercise clothes, and lunch boxes.

4- Make a checklist

A checklist of the contents of the bag helps to avoid forgetting or missing any necessary item.

5- Locate the pockets of the bag and divide them

Divide the pockets of the bag according to the use of each purpose, for example, put the necessities of study materials such as books, notebooks, and homework folders in the largest pocket, and in the middle pocket put school supplies and various writing tools such as pens, stickers and tool case, and finally put other luxuries and personal supplies that Your son uses them at school throughout the week as wet wipes, his daily money, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

6- Get the bag ready for the night

Make sure you have your study materials and homework ready and put them in your school bag every night before bed so that the bag is ready in the morning without rushing before you go to school and to avoid forgetting any necessary items or luxuries.

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